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Katyayani Diclo star | Diclosulam 84% WDG | Chemical Herbicide


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Katyayani Diclo Star is a selective herbicide with 84% Diclosulam in water-dispersible granules. It controls a variety of weeds by inhibiting their growth, leading to stunted development and eventual death. Effective against broadleaf weeds, grasses, and sedges in soybean and groundnut crops.

Target of Diclosulam 84% WDG:

Diclosulam 84% WDG include Cyperus spp, Commelina benghalensis, Euphorbia geniculata, Digera arvensis, Acalypha spp, and Echinochloa colona. This herbicide is effective in crops such as Soybean and Groundnut.

Benefits of Diclosulam 84% WDG:

  • Can be applied both pre-emergence (before weeds germinate) and post-emergence (after weeds have emerged), offering flexibility in weed management strategies.
  • Helps prevent competition for resources such as nutrients, water, and sunlight, thereby enhancing crop growth and yield.
  • Selective action minimizes harm to desirable crops like Soybean and Groundnut, ensuring targeted weed control without significant crop damage.
  • Effective against a wide range of weeds, including both broadleaf weeds and grasses.
  • Provides extended weed control after application, reducing the need for frequent re-application.

Mode of Action of Diclosulam 84% WDG

Diclosulam 84% WDG is a selective herbicide designed to target weeds specifically in Soybean crops. It functions by impeding weed growth, which results in the weeds becoming stunted and eventually dying, while the crop remains unharmed. This selective action ensures effective weed control without compromising the Soybean plants.

Dosage of Diclosulam 84% WDG

  • Crop: Soybean
  • Target Weeds: Cyperus sp.Commelina benghalensis, Digera arvensis, Euphorbia Geniculata, Acalypha spp. Echinochloa colona
  • Recommended Formulation: Apply 26.2 to 30.9 grams per hectare

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12.5 GM (12.5 GM x 1), 37.5 GM (12.5 GM x 3), 62.5 GM (12.5 gm x 5), 125 GM (12.5 gm x 10), 250 GM (12.5 gm x 20)


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