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Calcium Propionate


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Calcium propionate, the calcium salt of propionic acid, with the molecular formula 2(C3H6O2)CA, is a white crystalline fine powder or particles, odourless or with a slight odour of propionic acid, easily deliquescent in humid air. It is readily soluble in water and slightly soluble in ethanol. Calcium propionate is effective against mould, aerobic bacterium, gram-negative bacteria and aflatoxin in starch, protein-containing and greasy substances, and has unique anti-mould and antiseptic properties. In addition, as a feed additive, it can effectively inhibit mould and prolong the shelf life of feeds, and if combined with other inorganic salts, it can improve the appetite of livestock and milk production of cows.

The activity of calcium propionate to mold is higher than that of sodium benzoate, but it has no activity to yeast, so it is an ideal choice for baking products using yeast as ingredient.

We can also find natural calcium propionate in cheeses.


  • Common food additive mainly used as a preservative in bakery applications.
  • Extends the shelf life of baked products
  • It prevents from mold growth.

Details: Calcium Propionate is a food preservative and mold inhibitor. It keeps bread fresh by preventing bacterial and mold growth. To extend the storage time of baked goods such as bread dough, pizza dough, bread and pastries.


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