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Katyayani Fantasy Gold | Fipronil 18.87% SC | Chemical Insecticide


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Katayani’s Fantasy Gold is an effective insecticide specially designed to address thrips infestations in agricultural crops. Thrips, small sap-feeding insects, pose a significant threat to crop yield. Fantasy Gold employs Fipronil 18.87% SC as its active component to efficiently eradicate these pests.

Composition: Fantasy Gold is a potent insecticide formulated specifically to combat thrips infestations in crops, containing Fipronil 18.87% SC as its active ingredient.

Target Crops: While labeled for various crops, specific recommendations should be consulted on the product label.

Target Pest: Thrips, the tiny sap-feeding insects known to cause significant yield devastation.

Mode of Action:

Fantasy Gold mainly functions as an ingested toxin, supplemented by some contact effects. It disrupts nerve impulse transmission by blocking the passage of chloride ions through the Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) regulated chloride channel. This disturbance in central nervous system activity ultimately results in insect mortality at adequate doses.


  • Non-toxic to earthworms and soil microorganisms when used as directed.
  • Demonstrates high compatibility with various insecticides and fungicides.
  • Reduces the spread of Tobacco Streak Virus (TSV) by managing vector thrips in cotton fields.
  • Acts effectively against thrips and additionally enhances plant growth, showcasing its thripicidal and Plant Growth Enhancement (PGE) properties.

Dosage: Cotton-150ml/acre

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1 L (1 L x 1 ), 10 L (1 L x 10), 20 L (1 L x 20)


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