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Katyayani Lambda-Cyhalothrin 4.9 % cs

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Attack CS is a new generation synthetic pyrethroid insecticide which has stomach and contact action on insect pests.it is used for
control of a wide range of pests in a variety of crops.

Attack CS has good control over bollworm in Cotton stem borer , leaf folder in Paddy , borers in Brinjal , Okra & Tomato , thrips & flea
beetle in Grapes and thrips & pod borer in Chilli etc.

Attack CS may also be used in public health applications to control insects such as cockroaches, mosquitoes, ticks and flies.Its
Capsule Suspension is safe for Household Purposes like Home Garden , Nursery as compared to other oil base solutions.It has a new
technology due to which it gives long duration control.

Attack CS has quick knockdown effect on insect with highly effectiveness against target pests.Attack CS acts by direct contact with
insects or after ingestion

Dosage: For Domestic Use take 2-4 ml of Attack CS per 1 Liter of Water. For Large Applications300-500 ml per Acre Foliar Spray.
Detailed Instruction to Use is given with the product.

Lambda-Cyhalothrin 4.9% capsule suspension is a capsule suspension formulation wherein the active ingredient is sealed in tiny thin-
walled capsules suspended in water and is released only when the spray deposit dries on the target pest and leaf surface.Attack CS
(Lambda Cyhalothrin 4.9% CS) a synthetic pyrethroid having contact and stomach mode of action. It has a new technology due to which it
gives long duration control. It renders good control over bollworm in Cotton. Chemical is also recommended for stem borer, leaf folder in
Paddy, borers in Brinjal, Okra & Tomato, thrips & flea beetle in Grapes and thrips & pod borer in Chilli.

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Attack CS

250ML (250ml x 1), 750ML (250ml x 3), 1000ML (1000ML x 1), 1500ML (250ml x 6), 3000ML (250ml x 12), 5 Ltr (250ml x 20)

3 reviews for Katyayani Lambda-Cyhalothrin 4.9 % cs

  1. Mohd Junaid Barkaati

    Awesome fertilizer for all types of plants….can see the difference in my plants within 24 hours….plants get greener and healthier. Previously they look dull, but now they lush again. I used it in my tomato and other vegetable plants, the results were miraculous….new leaves and tomatoes came out. Even I used this fertilizer for my flower and fruit plants. This organic fertilizer helps grow more spectacular flowers and lush foliage

  2. preveen

    fast deliver product quality is very good

  3. Arjun

    Fantastic product came in a good pack

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