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Katyayani Maize Crop Super Combo Pack (For 1 Acre) [Zinc 12 % EDTA (450g x 1) + Flubendiamide 39.35 % SC (50ml x 1) + Propiconazole 25% EC (250ml x 1) ] Enhance Crop Yield

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  • Katyayani   Organics presents you all in one Kit solution for your Maize crop Specially created to enhance your Maize crop yield while maximising your benefit. It contains Katyayani Zinc 12 % EDTA, Katyayani Flubin  and Katyayani Boost.
  • Katyayani ZINC EDTA 12% is an activator of oxidising enzymes and is essential for the synthesis of important growth hormones.it plays a major influence in chlorophyll formation, photosynthesis , metabolic and energy process. 
  • Katyayani Fluben– Flubendiamide 39.35 % SC  is  insecticide control. It effectively controls  bollworm, fruit borer, pod borer, tobacco caterpillar, fall Armyworm etc in your Maize Crop. it is an insecticide well suited for the control of a broad range of Lepidoptera pests. This compound is well suited as a tool in insect resistance management programs.
  • Katyayani Boost contains Propiconazole 25% EC  which is a systemic broad-spectrum fungicide acting as protective , curative and eradicant for plant fungus.It effectively controls Blights, Leaf spots, Karnal Bunt, leaf spot , powdery mildew, blast , sheath blight  etc in you Maize Crop.
  • Dosage – This kit is effective for an area of 1 Acre with Foliar Spray. 

Katyayani Zinc 12 % EDTA :100g/ Acre

Katyayani Flubin  : 20ml / Acre 

Katyayani Boost  : 250 to 450 ml. per Acre


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