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Water Hold – Starch Based Super Absorbent


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Introducing Starch Cellulose, a specialized plant product designed to support the growth and development of plants. Starch Cellulose is derived from natural sources and serves as an effective supplement to promote healthy plant growth and improve overall plant vitality.

Enhanced Plant Growth:

Starch Cellulose plays a crucial role in enhancing plant growth by providing essential carbohydrates and fiber to plants. The starch component acts as a source of energy, supporting metabolic processes and promoting vigorous plant growth. The cellulose component provides structural support to the plant, strengthening cell walls and aiding in proper nutrient absorption.

Improved Water Retention:

Starch Cellulose aids in improving water retention in the soil. Its unique properties allow it to absorb and hold moisture, creating a favorable environment for plant roots. This helps plants withstand drought conditions and ensures a steady supply of water to support growth and development.

Enhanced Nutrient Uptake:

The presence of cellulose in Starch Cellulose promotes better nutrient uptake by plants. It helps create a porous soil structure that allows roots to access essential nutrients more efficiently. This leads to improved nutrient absorption, resulting in healthier plants with enhanced nutrient utilization.

Soil Conditioning:

Starch Cellulose also acts as a soil conditioner, improving soil fertility and structure. It increases soil porosity, allowing for better aeration and root development. Additionally, it promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the soil, fostering a healthy soil ecosystem that supports plant growth.

Easy Application:

Starch Cellulose can be easily applied to plants and soil. It can be incorporated into potting mixes, added to soil during planting, or applied as a top dressing. The recommended application rates and methods may vary depending on the specific plant and soil conditions, so it is advisable to consult the product label or seek expert advice for optimal usage.


Starch Cellulose is a valuable plant product that supports healthy plant growth, improves water retention, enhances nutrient uptake, and conditions the soil. By incorporating Starch Cellulose into plant care practices, growers can provide their plants with essential carbohydrates, promote robust growth, and create an optimal environment for thriving plants. Experience the benefits of Starch Cellulose and unlock the full potential of your plants.

Mode of Action: Greater water absorption capacity. Its loose hydrogen bonds provide superior water release.

Dosage: 1 kg per acre across all crops


Made out of Corn Starch.

• Granule formulation-odourless & off white in color.

• Absorbs water 400 times of its body weight.

• 90% absorption potential reached in 1 Hr.

• Releases water when plants are under moisture stress.

• Release of water takes place over a period of 12-15 days.

• Water with all the solutes are absorbed and released unaltered.


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