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American Bollworm or Tomato Leaf Miner Lure (TUTA ABSOLUTA)


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  • Katyayani (Tuta Absoluta) Tomato Leaf Miner Moth Lure, is the natural & cost effective way to catch moths without using an insecticide or harmful chemicals.
  • It is a safe & nature-friendly product Tuta absoluta is a highly destructive insect pest to tomato plants and fruit and is also reported to infect other plants in the Solanacaeae family (eggplant, etc.)
  • The life cycle of a leaf miner has the following stages: egg, three larval instars, a pupal instar and the adult fly. Adult leaf miners are small yellow and black coloured flies, at most only several millimetres long.
  • When the adult females feed or lay eggs, they bore a hole using their toothed ovipositor, usually in the upper side of the leaf. Egg spots are oval and hard to distinguish from feeding spots.  

Damage :

  • Larvae of Tuta absoluta mine the leaves, flowers, shoots, and fruit of tomato as well as the leaves and tubers of potato. After hatching, larvae penetrate apical buds, flowers, new fruit, leaves, or stems. Conspicuous irregular mines and galleries as well as dark frass make infestations relatively easy to spot. The damage caused by this pest is severe, especially in young plants. In tomato, it can attack any plant part at any crop stage and can cause up to 100% crop destruction.

Features :

  • Pheromone used 99% pure.
  • 100% Effective from other commercial products.
  • Lure working day in field life 30- 45 days, Depend on weather conditions.
  • Packing signal unit in anti smell realising pouch.
  • Dispenser- silicon rubber Septa 
  • Lure can stay for one year without removing from packing.

Benefits :

  • Economically Affordable, easy to install and manage.
  • If used properly can detect low numbers of insects.
  • Collect only Species Specific
  • Non toxic.
  • Can be used all season long.
  • Pheromone Lures are species specific.
  • Reduce the use of harmful pesticide and do organic farming and save the life.

Specifications :

  • Model Name : Tu-Tom Lure
  • Product Type : Pesticide
  • Brand : Katyayani
  • Scientific Name : Tuta absoluta (Tomato Leaf Miner)
  • Host Crop : Tomato
  • Suitable Trap : Glue Trapper/ Sticky Trap/ Delta Trap/ Water Trap
  • Per Acre :5 to 10 trap required
  • Lure Replacement Days : 45 Days

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5 Piece ( 1 Piece x 5), 10 Piece ( 1 Piece x 10), 20 Piece ( 1 Piece x 20), 50 Piece ( 1 Piece x 50)


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