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Deltamethrin 2.5% SC DEL-25


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  • Del is a new generation Advance Formulation quick knock down insecticide which has very effective results at low doses. It can used for thermal fogging or normal spraying.
  • Del is very powerful in controlling mosquitoes. cockroaches, bed bugs, flies .Effective against vectors of human disease (Anopheles, Culex & Aedes) . It also completely Knocks down Malaria & Dengue Mosquitoes.
  • Extremely low dosage needed (0.7 g a. i/ ha) , It has a knock down effect. is a contact insecticide attacking the nervous system of insects almost immediately and causing knockdown, soon followed by kill.
  • Suitable for use both Indoors and Outdoors in vector control and in areas where flying insects are a nuisance or may cause health risk.No other insecticide can claim such a long record of proven safety towards humans and warm blooded animals.
  • Dosage:For Indoor Residual Spray (IRS) 25-30 gm of formulation in 1.5-2.5 ltr of water.For Stored Grain Pest  120 gm of Del-25 is to be thoroughly mixed in 3 ltr of water to cover 100 sq. m area.

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1 Litre (1ltr x 1)


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