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Finish It (All in one Larvicide)


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Finish IT is an Advance biotechnology research that is made by special scientific methods. It contains highly specialised Bio derivatives. It is derived from Naturally Available Organic Sources. It Contains Botanical Extracts that have host plant resistance activities, high efficiency, higher growth, and yield are its distinctive features. It prevents plants from different types of larvae.

It has a two way system, it is phloem mobile, interferes with lipid synthesis, and kills by ingestion. It also has contact activity and Trans laminar movement (from upper to lower leaf surface) in the plant and thus controls even those insects which are hidden. Works preventively and curatively by killing all stages of LEAF MINER, It is used to kill hazardous larval insect-pest particularly Spodoptera, Heliothis, Spotted bollworm, pink ball worm, brinjal leaf miner larva, sugarcane bollworm etc . It can be used on greenhouse grown ornamentals including flowering & foliage crops, ground crops covers shrubs, Fruit & nut trees.

 Finish IT work as a guard. 

White grubs are the most destructive insect pests of turf grasses in Kentucky. Turf is damaged when the grubs (the larval or immature stages of certain beetles) chew off the grass roots just below the soil surface. The root injury reduces the turf’s ability to take up water and nutrients and withstand the stress of hot, dry weather conditions.

Several species of white grubs can cause this damage, but the two that are most common in Kentucky are the larvae of masked chafers and Japanese beetles. Other species occasionally infesting turf grass in Kentucky are the larvae of green June beetles, May beetles, and the black turfgrass ataenius.

All of these grubs have stout, greyish-to-white bodies with brown heads. Depending upon the species, the mature grub ranges in size from 3/8 to 2 inches long. Most species are curled into a C-shape when at rest, although green June beetle grubs have the curious habit of crawling on their backs.

Target Diseases: Spodoptera, Heliothis, Spotted bollworm, pink ball worm, brinjal leaf miner, Sugarcane bollworm etc.

Target crops/ plants: For all kinds of fruits & vegetables, Chili, cotton, paddy & field crops.

   Foliar spray dissolves 100 ml of this product per 100 litre of water or 1 ml in 1 litre water and spray on leaves to cover 1 acre.

Fertigation: apply 100 ml of this product per acre through drip irrigation. 100 ml diluted in 100 litres of water is used per acre of land.

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50 ML (50 ML x 1), 100ML (100ml x 1), 300ML (100ml x 3), 800ML (100ml x 8), 1600ML (100ml x 16), 3200ML (100ml x 32), 5L (100ml x 50), 10L(100ml x 100)


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