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Katyayani Accel Gro Plus | Gibberellic Acid 40% WSG | Plant Growth Regulator


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About Katyayani Accel Gro Plus | Gibberellic Acid 40% WSG | Plant Growth Regulator:

Accel Gro Plus, a product developed by Katyayani, is a plant growth regulator enriched with 40% gibberellic acid (GA3). This compound, gibberellic acid, is a naturally transpiring plant hormone renowned for its ability to modulate growth at exceptionally low concentrations.

Composition: Contains 40% gibberellic acid (GA3), a natural plant hormone crucial for regulating growth at low concentrations.

Target Crops: Specifically formulated for:

  • Grapes
  • Rice


  • Dormancy Overcoming: Facilitates faster germination by addressing seed or tuber dormancy prior to planting.
  • Premature Flowering: Induces early flowering in young plants, although regular applications may be necessary for sustained effect.
  • Enhanced Fruit Set: Improves fruit set in crops facing challenges with this process, potentially leading to seedless or partially seedless fruits.
  • Hybridizing: When combined with cytokinin, improves pollination success between incompatible clones or closely related species, particularly effective when applied during hand pollination.
  • Growth Promotion: Encourages consistent growth throughout the season when applied near the terminal bud of trees, fostering an overall increased growth rate.
  • Frost Protection: Assists in safeguarding fruit trees against frost damage by spraying at full bloom or when blossoms start to decline.

Dosage: 2.5 gm/200 ltr Water


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6 GM (6 GM x 1), 24 GM (6 GM x 4), 48 GM (6 GM x 8)


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