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Katyayani KACIN ( abamectin 1.9% EC )


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KACIN (Abamectin 1.9% EC): Effective Insecticide and Acaricide

  • KACIN is a highly effective insecticide and acaricide produced by Crystal Crop Protection Limited.
  • It operates through contact and stomach poison action, providing long-lasting protection.
  • It is primarily used to control a range of mites, including yellow mites, red mites, red spiders, and two-spotted mites, in crops such as brinjal, chili, tea, cotton, and roses.
  • KACIN should not be mixed with other pesticides to maintain its efficacy.

Recommended Dosage:

  • Mix 1 ml of KACIN per 1 liter of water, or 150 ml for 200 liters of water per acre.



Crop(s) Target Pest Dosage/Acre (ml) Dilution in Water (lit/Acre)
Grapes Mites 0.75 ml/L water 200-400
Rose Two spotted spider mites 150-250 200-250


  • Key Features of KACIN Insecticide:
    • Broad Spectrum Miticide and Insecticide
    • Strong Translaminar Activity with Contact and Stomach Action for Optimal Control
    • Natural Origin Product, Safe for Mammals

    Abamectin and its Mechanism:

    • Abamectin, the active ingredient, is an insecticide and acaricide that works through contact and stomach action.
    • It has limited plant systemic activity but exhibits translaminar movement.
    • Abamectin acts as a nerve poison by amplifying the glutamate effects on invertebrates-specific gated chloride channels.
    • This prevents the transmission of electrical impulses in the muscles and nerves of invertebrates, leading to paralysis, cessation of feeding, and eventual death of the affected insect.

    Overall Effectiveness:

    • KACIN is known for its broad-spectrum miticidal and insecticidal properties.
    • Its strong translaminar activity, coupled with contact and stomach action, ensures the best possible control of pests.
    • KACIN is derived from natural sources, making it safe for mammals.
  • KACIN is a broad spectrum Miticide and Insecticide.Strong translaminar activity with contact and stomach action therefore it gives the best control.

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100 ml ( 100ml x 1), 200ml ( 100ml x 2), 500ml (100ml x 5), 1 Litre ( 100ml x 10)


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