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Katyayani NPK 00 00 23 fertilizer is a highly beneficial nutrient solution designed to enhance fruit development and crop maturity. It provides essential nutrients in a readily available form tailored to meet specific crop requirements during critical growth stages. It is completely soluble in water and enriched with essential micronutrients, ensuring optimal absorption and utilization by plants.

Chemical Composition of NPK 00 00 23 : Formulated with 23% Total Potassium (K2O) and 11% Magnesium Oxide (MgO)

Target Crops: Ideal for a wide range of crops including field crops, vegetable crops, and horticultural crops. It is particularly effective during the fruit development and maturity stages to maximize yield and quality.

Target Pests: Effective against a variety of pests including red spider mites, yellow mites, purple mites, pink mites, and eriophyid mites. It provides quick knockdown of nymphs and adults through direct contact action.

Benefits of katyayani NPK 00 00 23 :

  • Promotes healthy crop growth and enhances fruit maturity.
  • Supplies essential nutrients in a form readily absorbed by plants.
  • Enhances crop quality and yield.
  • Supports overall plant vigor and resilience against environmental stressors.

Dosage of NPK 00 00 23 :  

For all field crops, vegetable crops and horticulture crops 3 to 4 gm per lit of water. Spray at the time of fruit development and maturity.

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