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NPK 13 40 13


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Foliar application: 4-5 g/L of water
Fertigation: 1-3 kg/ac

Fertigation: Use dosage based on results of the soil analysis, crop and its growth stage. However, do not mix with fertilizers containing calcium and magnesium salts.

NPK (13:40:13) contains nitrogen in different forms needed gradually at different growth stages of crops & is useful specially for healthy vegetative growth of plants. NPK (13:40:13) contains phosphorous (P) & potash (K) in 100 % soluble form is useful specially for healthy flowering & fruiting stage of plants.
  • NPK (13:40:13) provides three most important nutrients: Nitrogen 13%, Phosphorous 40% & Potassium 13% to all types of crops as a foliar spray
  • It gives rapid and healthy growth to crop and recovers deficiencies due to balanced nutrients supply
  • Early and uniformly flowering prevents flower and fruits dropping, result in more yield
  • It also increases fruit quality, weight, color, size and shelf life.
  • 100% water soluble fertilizer containing all the three major plant nutrients viz., Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash
  • Free flowing and easy to handle
  • Fully Water Soluble
  • Instant uptake of nutrients by the plants resulting in significant and quick improvement in crop will be seen
  • Low salt content prevents clogging of drip system

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470g (470g x 1), 940g (470g x 2), 1880g (470g x 4), 4700g ( 470g x 10), 9400g ( 470g x 20)


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