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Sulphur 80 % wdg – SULVET

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Katyayani Joker Insecticide

Introduction: Katyayani Joker, fortified with Fipronil 80% WDG, presents a modern and unique formulation that has revolutionized pest control. It promises easy handling, precise measurement, and effective dosing. Its advanced dust-free particles ensure superior solubility in water, optimizing coverage on crops. Notably, besides its potent pest control attributes, Joker also amplifies plant growth, leading to extended protection and higher crop yields.

Spectrum of Control: Katyayani Joker stands as a formidable shield against notorious pests such as the Stem Borer, Leaf Folder, and Thrips. Its efficacy extends to an array of crops, including Green Gram, Lentils, Rice, Grapes, Tomatoes, Chilies, Onions, and Cabbage. For optimal results, initiate the first spray as soon as symptoms like dead hearts (from stem borer) or white stripes on leaves (from leaf folder) appear, and depending on infestation intensity, 1-2 subsequent sprays might be required.

Mode of Action: Joker acts primarily through ingestion, supported by contact action. It disrupts nerve impulse transmission in pests. It aligns with the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee’s Classification No. 2 B.

Dosage Instructions:

  • Domestic Use: Dissolve 0.3 grams of Joker in 1 liter of water.
  • Large Scale Farming: Use 20-25 grams per acre as a foliar spray. For a comprehensive guide, refer to the product’s detailed instructions.
    Rice Chilli, & Grapes- 20-24 gm/acre,  Onion-30 gm /acre,
    Cabbage-37 gm/acre.

    Crop Pests   dose / Ha  Water volume liter/ha
    Rice (Paddy) Stem borer, Leaf folder 50 – 62.5 gm 375 -500
    Grape Thrips 50-62.5 gm 750-1000
    Onion Thrips 75 gm 500
    Cabbage DBM 93.75 gm 500

Active Ingredient: Joker is grounded in the efficacy of Fipronil, a member of the phenyl pyrazole insecticide family. This potent ingredient not only combats pests but also fosters plant growth, culminating in improved yields. Its low dosage requirement reduces its environmental footprint.

Highlight Features:

  • Advanced Formulation: Adopting fluid bed technology, Joker promises effortless handling, measuring, and dosing.
  • Dust-Free Particles: Ensures a superior suspension in water, amplifying crop coverage.
  • Optimal for IPM: Joker seamlessly fits into Integrated Pest Management programs.
  • Plant Growth Enhancement: Demonstrable augmentation in plant growth across various crops.
  • Extended Protection: Ensures prolonged crop safeguarding.
  • Environment-Friendly: Backed by extensive research, Fipronil’s impact on the environment is minimal.

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    I need 5 kg sulphur fungicide

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