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Katyayani Anti Virus Kit (Sarvashakti 250ml + Anti Virus 500ml(250ml x 2))

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Introducing Nature’s Shield Combo, the ultimate duo for safeguarding your crops against pests and viruses. This powerful combination of Sarvashakti and AntiVirus offers unparalleled protection and ensures healthier yields for farmers everywhere.

Sarvashakti is a broad-spectrum organic pesticide designed to control all sucking pests on crops. Its systemic and contact action makes it effective against aphids, whiteflies, jassids, thrips, and mealybugs, providing comprehensive pest control.

AntiVirus is the first effective organic virucide that protects plants from various viral diseases. It targets viruses like Chilli Mosaic Virus, Squash Mosaic Virus, Cucumber Mosaic Virus, and more, improving plant resistance and promoting fresh growth.

Targeted Pests and Viruses:
Sarvashakti targets all sucking pests, while AntiVirus tackles a range of viral diseases. Together, they offer a complete solution for pest and virus management in crops, ensuring comprehensive protection against both types of threats.

How Combo is Special?
Nature’s Shield Combo stands out for its dual-action approach, effectively addressing two major agricultural concerns in one solution. By combining the strengths of Sarvashakti and AntiVirus, it provides farmers with an efficient and convenient way to protect their crops from pests and viruses simultaneously.


Sarvashakti  : 250 ml/acre  + AntiVirus  : 500 ml /acre

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Sarvashakti 250ml + Anti virus (250mlx 2)


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