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  • Katyayani Bhumiraja Mycorrhiza biofertilizer also helps to increase the crop yield and improves the soil health by enhancing the nutrient content .Increases crop & activates hormones.also yield  the quality of the produce

  • Mycorrhiza biofertilizer helps increase the resistance in plants against plant pathogens and the surface area of the root system for better absorption of nutrients from soil.

  • It is  used for  All  cash  crops,  Paddy,  Sugarcane,  Groundnut,  Potato,  Wheat,  Cotton,  Fruit  crops,Banana,Mango,  Pomegranate,  Vegetables,  Onion,  Garlic,  Tomato,  Garden  &  nursery  plants,  turfs  & Ornamental plants etc.home garden kitchen terrace garden nursery greenhouse & for Agricultural Purposes.Recommended for Organic Cultivation

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  • Dose Apply 4-8  KGS per acre of land at the time of sowing by direct broadcasting land or sprinkle directly with granular fertilizers.Or Mx 4-10 KG   Katyayani  Mycorrhiza biofertilizerI Granule Properly with 50-80 KGS of FarmYard Manure Or Organic Compost or Vermicompost and sprinkle over the land


Mycorrhiza are obligate fungi that predominate in the roots and soil of higher plants. … They also increase the resistance in plants against plant pathogens and surface area of the root system for better absorption of nutrients from soil. Therefore, they can be used as biofertilizers and as biocontrol agents. katyayani Mycorrhiza  is a vermiculite based formulation containing VAM spores and VAM infect Increases plant resistance to drought, stress, salinity and pathogen infection Improves plant growth and yield Protect plants from nematodes and soil borne diseases  roots. Benefits Dosage Nursery — 0.5 — 1.0 kg / acre Main field — 5 kg / acre broadcast after mixing with 250-500 kg of organic matter or 5 liters mycorrhiza with 250 kg of topsoil. Recommended crops: Sugarcane, paddy, banana, cereals, vegetables, legumes, turmeric, cotton,

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