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Katyayani Propox 80 | Propoxur 80% WP | Chemical Insecticide


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About Katyayani Propox 80 | Propoxur 80% WP | Chemical Insecticide:

Propox 80, produced by Katyayani, is a wettable powder (WP) insecticide comprising 80% propoxur as its active component. This carbamate insecticide is employed for controlling a diverse range of insects.

Composition: Propox 80 is a wettable powder (WP) insecticide manufactured by Katyayani, containing 80% propoxur as the active ingredient.

Target Crops: Effective for controlling pests on fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and other crops.

Target Pests: Targets a broad spectrum of insects, including:

  • Cockroaches
  • Flies
  • Fleas
  • Mosquitoes
  • Ants
  • Millipedes
  • Chewing and sucking insects


  • Comprehensive Pest Management: Demonstrates effectiveness against a diverse array of pests.
  • Swift Elimination: Propoxur promptly kills insects upon contact and ingestion.
  • Extended Residual Efficacy: This product maintains its ability to eradicate insects for a prolonged duration post-application.

Important Notes:

  • Proper Handling Precautions: Propoxur may pose toxicity risks to humans and animals if mishandled. It is crucial to read and adhere to the label directions meticulously before utilizing this product.
  • Keep Away from Children and Pets: Avoid using this product in areas accessible to children or pets.
  • Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): When handling and applying Propoxur, ensure to wear suitable personal protective equipment (PPE) for safety.


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25 KG (25 KG x 1), 100 KG (25 KG x 4)


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