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Katyayani Hattrick (Trichoderma Harzianum Bio Fungicides Powder)


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Plant growth enhancement: Trichoderma harzianum powder stimulates root development and improves nutrient uptake, leading to increased plant growth and productivity.

Disease suppression: Trichoderma harzianum acts as a natural fungicide, inhibiting the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria, protecting plants from diseases like root rot, damping-off, and wilt.

Soil health improvement: Trichoderma harzianum decomposes organic matter, releasing nutrients and improving soil structure, making it more fertile and capable of retaining water.

Stress tolerance: Trichoderma harzianum helps plants withstand environmental stresses like drought, salinity, and temperature extremes by activating defense mechanisms and inducing stress-related compound production.

Sustainable and eco-friendly: Trichoderma harzianum is a safe, naturally occurring fungus that offers an eco-friendly alternative to chemical inputs, promoting organic farming practices and contributing to a sustainable agricultural system.

Target Crops 

It has a wide range of activity and used in paddy, maize, rice, pulses, vegetable crops, oil seeds, cotton, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, tea, coffee and fruits crop etc.

Target Pathogen

It is highly effective to control the Pythium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Fusarium spp., Sclerotinia spp. Macrophomina, Cephalosporium sp., Sclerotium Rolfsii, Phytophthora sp, and Meloidogyne sp (root knotnematodes)

Method of Application & Dosage 

Seed treatment: 10 grams of formulation mix in 50 ml of water and applied on 1 kg of seed uniformly & shade dry the seeds for 20 to 30 minutes before sowing.

Nursery bed treatment: Mix 50 grams of formulation mix in 10 litre of water and drench nursery bed of 1 squaremeter at the time of seeding.

Seedling treatment: Dissolve 100 grams of formulation in 10 litre of water and dip the roots of seedlings for 30-45 min before transplanting.

Soil application: Mix 2.5 kg with 50 kg Farm Yard Manure and broadcast in one hectare field before sowing.

Storage Condition

Store in a cool and dry place.

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