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Boron 20% EDTA


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  • Katyayani Boron EDTA 20% is an ideal Boron Fertilizer. It increases profit by maximizing yield. Contains water Soluble BORON (B) 20% min.
  • Katyayani Boron EDTA 20% comes in a water-soluble packet to facilitate the easy and effective usage of the product. 
  • Made specifically for Hydroponics. It helps in developing a good root system and improves the efficient absorption of nutrients. Also, EDTA increases the bioavailability and plant uptake of the metals present in the system.
  •  Boron helps in cell division. It aids the production of sugar & carbohydrates. It is essential for seeds & fruit development. It acts as a regulator of the potassium/calcium ratio in the plant. It helps in nitrogen absorption in plants.
  • Dissolve the packet in 1 liter of water to make the liquid solution, then for generic usage apply 1 ml/liter of solution. For specific plants refer User Manual. The instructions provide detailed information on deficiency symptoms in your plant and even the benefits of each nutrient.

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30gm ( 30g x 1), 60gm ( 30g x 2)


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