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Forchlorfenuron 0.1 % – CPPU

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  • Katyayani CPPU Contains Forchlorfenuron 0.1 % L   is an effective plant growth regulator used on grapes for increasing fruit size . It gives the  best utilization of the unused available nutrients of the plant for Increase in yield.
  • Used to increase the size of kiwifruit, table grapes , peaches ; promote fruit set in melons , pumpkins , and cucumbers ; promote branching in apples ; and increase yield in potatoes, rice, and wheat.
  • It plays a key role in the production of proteins A longer and a better spread of roots as well uniform and early maturity in crops.It regulates Cytokine Activity , Promotes Cell Division Improving Fruit Size Fruit Setting Cluster Weight Cluster Setting thus Improving overall  quality of Fruits.
  • It Can be applied via Dipping , FDirect Spray on Berries & foiler spray. It is widely used in Agriculture & Home Garden Nursery & Small plantations.
  • Dosages: Give 15 ml CPPU  per 15 liter spray volume.for root dipping 50 – 75 ml. with required quantity of water before transplanting 400-500ml forchlorfenuron in 200 liters water per Acre for Foliar Spray.Detailed Instructions to Use comes along with the product.

Katyayani Forchlorfenuron is 0.1% cppu  1 liter a Plant Biostimulant based on succinic acid ascorbic acid and fulvic acid. It promotes the viral process of plants through better utilization of biochemical reserves and helps the plant to overcome constants during critical stages of growth. It provides tolerance to the plant against environmental stress and pest attack thereby leading to the normal functioning of plant systems and improving quality and yield of crops. For best results, apply CPPU Plant Growth Regulator under slow-drying conditions, e.g. early in the morning, late in the afternoon, or at night, in order to ensure adequate uptake. Forchlorfenuron Increases the size of berries, improves cluster weight and total yield of blueberries, grapes, kiwi, nuts, and other crops. It may improve fruit quality in cold storage conditions and delay grape maturation. The higher the rate of product applied, the greater the potential for maturity delay. In grapes, it may prevent early-stage fruit dropping, reduce black drops and maintain the skin color and texture of the Grapes. This product also boosts the quality and quantity of the Grapes. by increasing the berry size and thus leading to spherical berries instead of oblong ones.

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250ML (250ML X 1), 750 ML (250ml x 3), 1 Litre ( 1Litre x 1), 5 Litre ( 1Litre x 5 ), 10 L ( 1 L x 10 )

7 reviews for Forchlorfenuron 0.1 % – CPPU

  1. Rohit Kumar Mahto

    very nice

  2. R.K. Nair

    Unable give any review of the product now as it was applied to a Mango tree 27 days back. I think we can expect the result in two months time and then only I can give my review about the product.

  3. sudheendra

    results are acceptable. mango tree started flowering

  4. Hitesh Patel

    I have applied it and waiting for the result. I will report after a while the result.

  5. Milind J.

    Best product available out there, I have used for potato and onions and the remaining can always be sprayed on mango trees.

  6. Chandan Bhattacharya

    original very good product

  7. Nandan

    Good results, I have had a jasmine plant for the last two years it has not born good flowers after using this, Forchlorfenuron 0.1 % – CPPU plant bearing lots of flowers. I think it is good for flowering plants…

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