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NPK 20 20 20 Fertilizer with 2 Sample -Mix micronutrients and Organic Humic Acid

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  • Npk 20 20 20- 3 in 1 is a cost-effective new technology product, comes with 2 additional packages along with NPK, especially concentrated mix micronutrients and organic Activated humic acid
  • Contains all the required nutrients for Plants.It has Macro Nutrients Nitrogen Phosphorous Potassium : (20%) In NPK 20 20 20 – Concentrated Micronutrients which gives proper controlled growth. along with organic humic acid which increases Root density. The combination enhances flowering fruit vegetables of plants. These 3 together give TREMENDOUS results on the field.
  • Concentrated Mix micronutrients contain all the micronutrients which a plant needs it includes iron manganese zinc boron molybdenum copper etc. ORGANIC HUMIC ACID enhances the overall growth of plants by promoting root growth and strength Which IF USED WITH NPK WILL GIVE TREMENDOUS GROWTH IN PLANT.
  • NPK 20 20 20 or 19 19 19 – Nitrogen is essential for vegetative growth in stems and roots particularly during the early stages. . Potassium is essential for bud growth and ripening of fruits and vegetables. Phosphorous is essential for root growth seed and for flower formation. The Organic biofertilizer powder is 100% water-soluble.it can also be used for plant hydroponics
  • For home garden and Nursury and also for agricultural purposes. Application: it can be sprayed with appropriate dosage along with water. ( Detail Dosage instruction given along with the product)

The product contains three packages

  • NPK 20 20 20 fertilizer for plants 100% Water-soluble imported quality
  • Organic Humic and amino acid flakes
  • special Concentrated Mix micronutrient mixture

After various tests on different types of plants, the combination of these 3 products has shown excellent results with the growth of plants and with an increase in flowering and fruit. this new technology product has multiple benefits: first NPK NPK fertilizers are fertilizers that contain the elements nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K), so you can see how they get the name ‘NPK’. Why these elements? Well, each element has been found to improve the health and appearance of plants. For example, * nitrogen is good at making the leaves grow * phosphorous improves fruit and/or flower production as well as root growth * potassium is great for overall plant health Oftentimes the soil the plants are growing in lacks some of these nutrients, so by adding them in as a fertilizer, plants do better. David NPK bio-organic fertilizer provides all the essential nutrients required by plants. for its overall growth 2- Humic Acid is Completely 100% Organic and is has a vital role in the root development of the plant also helps in the Uptake of nitrogen by plants. 3- special Mix micronutrient mixture along with the product contains all micronutrients that plants do not get from regular soil. it contains a special recipe which is made after extensive research. NPK 20 20 20 Product is cost-effective as it serves 3 products in a single product. The market value of each individual is very high. The total material quantity is 500 grams. Customer care number is provided along with detailed dosage instructions.

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5 reviews for NPK 20 20 20 Fertilizer with 2 Sample -Mix micronutrients and Organic Humic Acid


    After a week of the first dose of Katyayani fertilizer, I saw this in one of my rose plants! You can count a total of 9 bud counts on a small branch! But in the rest of the rose plants, progress is still to be noticed.

  2. Rameez Ansari

    I have used this for first time in my potted plants.
    observed significant growth.
    Most of the plants have started budding and flowering, all plants developed new leaves, earlier due to lack of nutrition Rose and Mogra was just like a stick, My mom said she saw first time developing buds after year and two in both plants.
    while applying she warned me i will loose all these plants as fertilizers may harm potted plants
    I Used it as per direction and it works good. now she also admits that because of this fertilizer all plants growing with faster rate and looking healthy.

  3. prerna

    I have used this twice by now in one month in my garden and potted plants. It worked well to boost the growth specially for flowering plants. Most of the plants have started budding and flowering at a faster pace and almost all plants developed new leaves. Used it as per direction and it works good.
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  4. prerna

    Miraculous product ! You have to be Very calculative & careful to use it. I tried several organic fertilizer to all my plants but no growth is there. I have mesured this product with micro weighing machine (not table/tea spoon) & applied. After 1 week I am very much delighted to share these pictures of my small plants. There are new leaves in every plant !!! Mr. Vardhaman is very much cooperative & informative regarding the product.

  5. KSS Nair

    nice product less price -thanks katyayani

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