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KATYAYANI FOXY (Fipronil 4% + Thiomethoxam 4% SC)


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  • FOXY  is a broad-spectrum insecticide
  • Unique combination of two insecticide (Fipronil 4% + Thiamethoxam 4% SC)
  • FOXY has dual mode of
  • contact/intaking of FOXY, insect stops feeding
  • It is recommended at initial pest action
  • FOXY is a systemic insecticide with contact as well as stomach action
  • It belongs to the two different class of chemicals i.e. Phenyl-pyrazole and neonicotinoids
  • FOXY is an alternate chemistry molecule helps to eliminate the chances of resistance build-up
  • It has quick knockdown and long duration control
  • Immediately after coming with the population
  • Comparatively safer to the beneficial insects
  • Suitable tools for IPM and IRM



  • FOXY is recommended as foliar spray
  • It should be applied at recommended dose at initial stage of infestation
  • Add recommended quantity in a small quantity of water and mix well with stirring
  • Add remaining recommended water and spray



  • Do not spray during Foggy climate.
  • Recommended at initial stage of infestation
  • Wear safety equipment’s such as gloves, aprons, masks, etc.
  • Choose the correct nozzle for spray
  • Spray in the direction of wind
  • Do not smoke, drink, eat and chew anything while spraying
  • Avoid contact with mouth, eyes and skin
  • Avoid inhalation the spray mist, fog and vapors
  • Take bath properly after application
  • Antidote – No specific antidote is known. Treat symptomatically

    Dosage: 25 Ml In 15ltr Of Water.


Crop Pest Formulation (gm/ml) / ha Dilution in water (l/ha)
Rice (Paddy) Brown Plant Hopper,

Green Leaf Hopper,

White Backed Plant Hopper.

1100 ml 500

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1Litre ( 1L x 1), 3Litre ( 1L x 3), 5Litre ( 1L x 5), 10Litre ( 1L x 10)


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