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Katyayani Weed killer +


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Katyayani weed killer + is a broad-spectrum herbicide that is widely used to control unwanted weeds and vegetation in various settings, including agriculture, landscaping, forestry, and aquatic weed control. It is a highly effective herbicide that targets the enzymes essential for plant growth, making it an efficient way to control weeds and unwanted vegetation. 

Some common uses of Katyayani weed killer + include:


Agriculture: Katyayani weed killer + is commonly used in agriculture to control weeds in crops such as corn, soybeans, and cotton. It can be applied directly to the crops or to the soil before planting.


Landscaping and Gardening: Katyayani weed killer + is also used in landscaping and gardening to control weeds and unwanted vegetation around homes, gardens, and public spaces.


Forestry: Katyayani weed killer + is used in forestry to control unwanted vegetation that may compete with tree seedlings or saplings.


Aquatic Weed Control: Katyayani weed killer + is used to control unwanted aquatic plants in lakes, ponds, and other water bodies.


Tea and some others


Axonopus compressus, Cynodon dactylon, Imperata cylindrical, Polygonum perfoliatum, Paspalum scrobiculatum, Arundinella, bengalensis, Kalm grass.

The recommended dosage ranges from 800ml  to 1 liters of Katyayani weed killer + per acre, with higher doses typically used for more stubborn weeds or thicker vegetation. It is important to carefully follow the instructions when using glyphosate. It is also recommended to wear appropriate protective gear and take all necessary precautions when handling and applying glyphosate.

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4 Litre (1 Ltr x 4), 10 Litre (1 Ltr x 10), 50 Litre (1 Ltr x 50)


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